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The 7Directory Magazine Delivery Area

Massive Door to Door Distribution. It is delivered to over 10,000 HOMES!

Don't take a chance with your advertising, get it delivered direct to thousands of homes.

The truth is people like to use local business if they can and it is a great pleasure to hear regular customers tell us how they are pleased with the response they get.

Choosing where to Advertise? - Some Things to Consider

Advertise Locally, Work Locally

The magazine is targeted in an area and is likely to produce work within that vicinity and so you may save time and costs when giving estimates and time scheduling in general

Establish Trust

The research is clear: Consumers trust print media above all other types of media, including digital news outlets and social media platforms.

Printed adverts Easier to Understand

Surveys have shown that Printed adverts are easier to understand by a factor of 2.4 times compared to digital ads

Examine the map below to see all the roads and areas we deliver to

The 7 Directory is published and distributed monthly, on or around the 1st of the month.

Additional copies are available at cafes, restaurants shops in and arond the distribution area.

Plus. Community Website is accessible outside the distribution range of the Directory itself.

Established since 2005 we have produced over 160 issues (a selection of covers shown below) and we have built up a loyal base of readers and advertisers

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Magazine and Online

  • There is a discount for block bookings as repetition is important. We deliver to the same homes every month.

  • We give a personal service, your business is important to us too.

  • Because the magazine lasts for a month it is easy for people to keep and re-find any ad that interests them, whereas loose leaflets often feel like “clutter”, and meet their doom. Appearing again reminds people of their interest.

  • The magazine is delivered to almost 10,000 homes every month – our delivery service is the largest in the city. It is well-read and most people keep it for reference during the month. 1000 pick-up copies are placed in shops, cafes, waiting rooms etc in the area.

  • By focusing in the area you want to work you will save on travelling time and costs too, and get to know your customers.

  • We offer ad design at a tiny fraction of the usual cost. We are very happy to discuss your ad design. We want it to be good too!
  • The advertisers in the magazine tend to be good at what they do, just appearing tells people you are prepared to be judged locally and makes it clear you are not some “fly-by-night”.
  • Because of the great service our advertisers offer, the people in the area have learned to trust the magazine as a source of information.

  • Sometimes it is hard to reconcile yourself to paying for advertising, it can feel as though people should KNOW about you already...but the fact is this is a busy world and people need access to ready information they can rely on. It is generally recommended that people invest 20% of their business in advertising in fact. Healthy businesses advertise, regarding it as much a part of the normal business costs as transport or premises. But with the directory you can use your advertising budget VERY effectively, maybe even reduce it.

  • The prices are deliberately kept low to allow access to all local advertisers – particularly when you think that this includes delivery in a magazine that will be read and kept. (Our rates are the best value advertising in the city: the lowest price per thousand.)

  • The magazine is targeted in an area and is likely to produce work within that vicinity and so you may save time and costs when giving estimates and time scheduling in general.

  • if your business has premises then the people MOST likely to use you are the people who would find it easy to get to.

If you have any other questions please call 01273 299219 or email:

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Advert Sizes Available

Advert Sizes Chart

Full Page

148mm  by 210 mm + 3 mill bleed

Half Page

129mm wide x 92mm high (postcard shape)
or 62mm wide x 190mm high (bookmark shape)

Quarter Page

62mm wide x 92mm high

Eighth Page

62mm wide x 44mm high

Front Cover Box

Small Square ad 38mm wide x 38mm high

The BIGGEST Little Magazines in Brighton & Hove

The Post, 7 Directory and Preston Pages

Over 29,000 magazines printed a month across the three titles, you can choose your area or go in all three. More than 28,000 copies delivered direct to homes.

Here is a brief description of our sister publications:

Preston Pages

11,200 copies printed. 10,000 hand delivered direct to homes in New England; Preston Circus (eg homes behind Duke of Yorks up to Springfield); Preston Park (eg Preston Park Avenue, Beaconsfield, Surrenden and all roads off up to Surrenden Crescent) large parts of Fiveways ( Balfour and all roads off); Preston Village, Tivoli, parts of Withdean (we deliver along Preston/London Road as far as Mandalay Court and up the hillside to Dyke Road); plus Roundhill. The remaining 1200 copies are available as Pick up copies at most of the Fiveways shops, London Road shops (including Sainsburys and Boots), Preston Village and Tivoli shops etc

The Post

10,200 copies, 9500 hand delivered direct to homes in Hove Park north of The Droveway, Tongdean, Withdean, Westdene, Patcham and Hollingbury. Pick up copies at the shops in Eldred Avenue, Stadium, Patcham Village, Ladies Mile, Carden Avenue, Loyal Parade. (We deliver from George VI right across to Ditchling Road)

If you would like to advertise with us or more information please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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