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The truth is people like to use local business if they can and it is a great pleasure to hear regular customers tell us how they are pleased with the response they get.

  • It is much cheaper than yellow pages and other publications, where your ad often gets swamped anyway, and is far more effective. There is a discount for block bookings.

  • We give a personal service, your business is important to us too.

  • Because the magazine lasts for a month it is easy for people to keep and re-find any ad that interests them, whereas loose leaflets often feel like “clutter”, and meet their doom. - Appearing again reminds people of their interest.

  • By focusing in the area you want to work you will save on travelling time and costs too, and get to know your customers.

  • We offer ad design at a tiny fraction of the usual cost. We are very happy to discuss your ad design. We want it to be good too!

  • The magazine is delivered to 10000 homes every month. It is well read and most people keep it for reference during the month. Another 1000 copies are placed in shops, cafes, waiting rooms etc in the area.

  • The advertisers in the magazine tend to be good at what they do, just appearing tells people you are prepared to be judged locally and makes it clear you are not some “fly-by-night”.

  • Because of the great service our advertisers offer, the people in the area have learned to trust the magazine as a source of information.

  • Sometimes it is hard to reconcile yourself to paying for advertising, it can feel as though people should KNOW about you already..…but the fact is this is a busy world and people need access to ready information they can rely on. It is generally recommended that people invest 20% of their business in advertising in fact. Healthy businesses advertise, regarding it as much a part of the normal business costs a transport or premises. But with the directory you can use your advertising budget VERY effectively..maybe even reduce it:

  • the prices are deliberately kept low to allow access to all local advertisers – particularly when you think that this includes delivery in a magazine that will be read and kept.

  • the magazine is targeted in an area and is likely to produce work within that vicinity and so you may save time and costs when giving estimates and time scheduling in general

  • if your business has premises then the people MOST likely to use you are the people who would find it easy to get to.

if you have any other questions please call 01273 299219 or email:

To order please call: 01273 299219

If you would like to talk about what would work best for your ad, the design, content, colours etc before ordering please call or email. We are very happy to chat about ideasquestions.


View 7 Directory in a larger map

View 7 Directory in a larger map

The Directory is published and distributed monthly, on or around the 1st of the month.

It is delivered to over
10,000 HOMES!
in and around Seven Dials.

Additional copies are available at cafes,restaurants shops in and arond the distribution area.

Plus. The 7 Directory Community Website is accessible outside the distribution range of the Directory itself.


Until we advertised in the directory not everyone in the area knew about the restaurant. After we advertised we found we had lots of new customers coming in."
Roger of Dali's Restaurant.

"It definitely works. I get business from it at a reasonable cost. It is nice to get local customers"
Carl from Pier to Pier Plumbing

Bob Hanson, who provides building services says
"I am very happy with it.I get jobs from it.. I think it is better to have a set area to work in, rather than advertising in something like Yellow Pages which covers such a large area. It means I can do more jobs in the time available"

"I am really pleased with it. I always like the idea of community and the magazine was an ideal opportunity. It is really reliable and effective and a reasonable price. I find customers are less suspicious of me because they heard of me through the local magazine. You can tell they are comfortable and know that I will be available to back up my work, or the next time they need something done. It has given me the chance to build up a local reputation and trust."
Chris, local plasterer 

" It has been very helpful I have had quite a few enquiries. I have even had work from outside the area, a reader passed my details on to a friend. It is definitely worthwhile, business has picked up. The only reason I would stop advertising would be if I get TOO busy."
Simon James of Albion Lofts

" We find it works well and is good value. The cost per lead is very low. It is a lovely community magazine. We also get regular business phone calls and the opportunity to work with other advertisers."
DB Service Solutions

"Advertising in 7 Directory is extremely beneficial for us. The quality of the publications is excellent; it is well read by local people and we have had many enquiries and increased interest following our advertisements."
Brighton & Hove High School

“I believe strongly in supporting local business, and I feel The 7 Directory does exactly that, helping to promote local companies to local people. The residents of the Seven Dials area are vitally important to the success of our business and we felt this would be an excellent way of reaching a large number those residents. We feel that advertising in The Seven Dials Directory has been extremely beneficial, and hope to enjoy a long and fruitful relationship with the magazine”.
Laurence S Sprey, Managing Director & Chief Pharmacist of Ashtons Late Night Pharmacy.

"The 7 Directory is essential for any business that is serious about building up a client base in the local community"
John Kent, Decorum